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Chris Harris (1954-2020)

Christopher Anthony Harris had a successful and diverse career in art and music after graduating from the University of Alabama. He made his first mark in the late 70’s as the Art Director of Mountain Graphics in Jacksonville, Alabama. As a talented and creative illustrator he designed tour shirts for rock artists such as Heart, Bruce Springsteen and Styx and country artists such as Alabama, Hank Williams Jr. and The Charlie Daniels Band. Chris moved to Atlanta in the early 80's and continued to work as a silkscreen designer before returning to Alabama in the mid 80’s to join The American Design Studio. Chris branched out to work with Potts Marketing Group in the 2000’s as an advertising artist and webmaster. Chris was a very talented painter and applied his unique style to many literary, movie and music stars. In the 80’s Chris also designed game arcades and was a pioneer in web design in the early 90’s. Chris even found time to dabble in sculpture and stage design.

As a drummer he was initially influenced by his father Al, who was a saxophone player and his brother Sonny, an Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame drummer. In 1987 Chris began his rock and roll career with Brain Damage which later became Gypsy Rose. In the 90’s he played with Dick ’n Jane and Snafu and in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s he was the drummer for Nu Jones. From that time forward he played with the band, Carlos Danger.

Photo of The Artist by Paul McCall

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